Currency Exchange Services

GCI knows what today’s currency exchange consumer is looking for. A secure and easy transaction that is convenient and stress free, and offers a competitive rate.

When you travel or exchange currency with GCI, you’ll never have to worry about any of that hassle again. Our rates are competitive whether you are transferring or exchanging or whatever your foreign money matter is. Let us take care of the details, and we’ll make sure that you can do as much shopping as you want.

International Students

Preparing for college or university life is a difficult process. It is a life changing event that is a defining moment in your life. Every decision that you make could alter the cards on the table, at any moment. The last thing you want to have take down the stack of cards you have been preparing for the last several years is a financial wrinkle. Especially if you are studying abroad.

At GCI, we would rather you get the most out of the educational experience you have chosen, so that you won’t have to worry about money again. Unlike financial institutions we at GCI don’t charge a transaction fee. Students can exchange their money easily without stress. GCI understands this process very well and has been serving the needs of international students for over 15 years. By using out wiring services families can transfer money to help with costly tuition and living expenses.

Whether you need to make tuition arrangements, are receiving funds from family overseas, or sending funds to an international student, Gastown Collectables Inc. has you covered.

Bank Drafts: USD and CAD ONLY

Today of course a lot of the old school ways of doing things have been replaced by more advanced methods. Although technology has come a long way, one banking process that hasn’t changed is the process of bank drafts and personal cheques. Of course we don’t need to physically cut them with a knife today, but bank drafts and certified cheques are a very necessary process for many individuals.

And, while your teller may not need to physically extract your cheque or draft from a machine, the process is still cumbersome and expensive for consumers today. That is, unless you work with GCI.

If you have large transactions that need to be handled by certified cheque or bank draft, in USD or CAD only, give us a call. We will ensure you will get the best exchange rate possible and streamline the process for you as quickly as possible.

Overseas Travel

You will always have what you need, when you need it, and as much as you need when you exchange with us. You will not have to worry about heavy transaction and processing fees that the airport or foreign bank WILL charge you, just because they can. And you won’t have to worry about waiting either.

All of those questions that everybody else has when they run into a financial snaffoo during their overseas travel, become solutions when you work with us. As well, all of those extra funds you might have on hand can be easily exchanged back with us upon your return.

At GCI, our goal is to keep the world’s currencies….in your hands.

Foreign Currency

There are some currency exchange providers that only have one trick up their sleeves. At GCI, we know that your needs are many, and that the world of currency is versatile and changing. When it comes to currency exchange, the global marketplace is not just about dollars and cents and pesos and pence. There are a number of ways to exchange assets at the global level, and GCI has the leading edge in all of the major branches of currency exchange and trade.

  • Exchange cash for cash at GCI we offer over 100 different currencies. You no longer have to call your bank or travel agent to order your money. Give us a call or stop by and we have it ready right away if in stock, if not we have it ready within two business days at the most competitive rates.
  • Gold and Silver: Whether you are looking for a unique wedding gift for the couple that has everything, or just want to invest in a trade that offers the most legendary security in the world, GCI can help. We can either buy or sell coins, bars, and gold at the most current market value. GCI is home to experts that specialize in the precious metals market and the bullion and collectable trade.
  • For foreign currency exchange or fast cash we accept cash, debit and credit card payments. If you are transferring or cashing large amounts of funds, please be sure to have any limitations on your debit or credit card removed prior to purchase.
Who knew exchanging money could be so easy and safe?

International Wire Transfers

We live in a global world, and the advent of technology has made it very easy to communicate and access almost any part of the world that we want. This is great news if you need to use a currency exchange service. Gone are the days where sending money would take weeks, today you can have your international wire transfers processed and completed in minutes.

The world is an ever changing one and business and both personal lives take humanity in a million different directions every day. Global money transfers are one of the easiest and fastest ways to send money in a global marketplace if you are conducting business or personal transactions. International wire transfers are among the safest ways to send money today, so that your hard earned funds get to where they need to go, when they need to get there. At GCI, we work very hard to make sure you will never be left wondering where your money is.

At GCI, we know what you need during every step of the process with your money transfers. We know you expect exceptional service, and rates that even your bank can’t compete with. We see what others in the industry simply don’t, and we fill in those gaps for you, our valued client, with every single transaction. We realize your expectations are high. We plan to beat them.

Corporate Services

When it comes to handling business abroad, the process can get expensive. The costs of administration in bank fees and bank can be boggling. GCI wants to help you run the most seamless business transactions possible. With over 15 years of experience in the business, we can help your company exchange funds securely and quickly.

When you work with GCI for your corporate financial exchange services, remember to have all of your corporate information on hand to ensure the most seamless process possible. A form of company or corporate identification will be required, as well as the address and contact information of the business in question.

The kind of identification you may be required to provide will depend on the type of business you are conducting transactions for. This information is standard information that will not reveal or leak any of your company’s secure and private information. The type of identification you can expect to provide will depend whether you are a corporation, a sole proprietorship, or a partnership and includes items like:

  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • A Business Licence.
  • A Partnership Agreement.
We are always working to keep the world’s currencies…in your hands.